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Saint Laurent wants you to hang penises from your earlobes


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(Picture: Saint Laurent)

Penis jewellery (as in jewellery based on penises, rather than jewellery to be worn on your penis) is not a new trend by any means.

Back in 2014 Tom Ford sold 18K gold penis necklaces, while in 2016 Vivienne Westwood hopped aboard the dick train by showing off chunky peens on the necks of her models.

Now its the turn of Saint Laurent, whose latest release of jewellery includes a pair of penis earrings and a penis pendant necklace.

Theyre quite tasteful, considering they are penises, with clean, simple lines of simply the shaft and head, no balls.

Naturally they are also expensive. The gold brass earrings cost £215, while the penis necklace is £520. We would recommend wearing all these at once, if you can afford such a thing.

YSL launches penis jewellery METRO GRAB taken from: https://www.ysl.com Credit: YSL

(Picture: Saint Laurent)

The earrings make clear that they are designer with Saint Laurent engraved right on the shaft, while the necklace has a Saint Laurent charm on the clasp.



Sadly, neither are available online, so youll need to hunt the items down in store if youre keen on wearing dicks around your neck.

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While you seek out the jewellery of your desire, its worth noting that there are plenty of other genital themed items available for purchase.

As Christmas is coming up, its the perfect time to invest in vulva baubles. As the temperature chills, throw on a penis scarf.

Yep, all your fashion and interiors needs are covered. What a time to be alive.

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