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What is the best way to put your bra on?


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Its something you do without even thinking about it.

As you drearily pull your clothes on in the morning, you put your bra on in the way you always have.

Are you someone who fastens it at the front and twists it around to the back?

Maybe youre dextrous enough to fasten it at the back?

Or maybe you fasten it before you put it on and pull it over your head?

Apparently your preferred method could even say something about your personality but the way you put it on could be affecting the fit.

A year ago, Brittany Packnett shared the label from her underwear by American brand ThirdLove.

It instructs customers to start by wearing the bra on the loosest hook, gather each breast into the cups and to adjust the straps every other month.



Brittany was shocked and said she has been told Ive been putting bras on wrong for twenty years.

The tweet might be from a while ago but the debate is still ongoing.

So how should you put your bra on to give you the best fit?

Julia Mercer, technical manager and bra fit expert at Marks and Spencer recommends:Lean forward and hold your bra under your breast to drop into your cup, this gets the bra correctly positioned from the root of your breast. Shape each breast into each cup to sit in correct position.

Adjust the straps individually, some ladies have different height of shoulders so they may not be adjusted the same. The perfect position is when you can just put two fingers under the strap when adjusted.

Five checks for the perfect bra fit

  1. Underband – should be parallel to the floor and secure enough that only 2 fingers can fit under the elastic
  2. Centre front – should sit completely flat against the sternum
  3. Side wire – this should be flat against the ribcage and never digging into breast tissue
  4. Cup capacity – breasts should sit fully into the cup without any spillage
  5. Straps – these should be adjusted to just fit 2 fingers on top of each other, which will give the right pressure for your shoulder.

Julia adds that getting the fit right in the first place and rechecking it regularly is also important.

She said: We recommend that women should get measured every six to twelve months. Your body shape can change, from gaining to losing weight, therefore is imperative that you are fitted by a fully trained bra-fit expert to ensure you are wearing the right size bra.



This is very important for comfort and support, but in addition a great fitting bra can improve your poise, make your clothes look better, and be a real confidence boost.

84% of ladies we have fitted are in the wrong size. One of the most common problems we see is when your bra is too big at the underband.

You often see bras travelling up the back when the band is too big, and this offers no support to your breasts.

The most important area of any bra fit is getting the band right first, with only enough space to get two fingers underneath.

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