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Hugo Boss launches range with reversed logos – perfect for mirror selfies


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(Picture: Hugo Boss)

So heres the dilemma.

Youve got some new designer stash that you want to show off on the gram, but when you take that mirror selfie, the all-important branding is backwards.

Not ideal. You cant impress your followers if they cant even read what label youre wearing.

Hugo Boss have launched a special collection to tackle exactly this problem.

It is a range of simplistic, mostly monochrome pieces – all sporting backwards Hugo logos. Made specifically for the Instagram generation. Thats us.

(Picture: Hugo Boss)

The range – featuring items for both men and women – includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, belt bags, hats and leggings. Most in the signature black or white, but with the occasional splash of colour.

Fans of the HUGO reversed capsule will be able to customise a limited edition collection of t-shirts and sweaters printed with their name – or any word they like – at an special four day pop-up event in London.



Youll get the chance to create your own personalised unisex t-shirt or sweater at Westfield in White City – but its only happening this weekend. So youll have to head down between 22nd – 25th November.

(Picture: Hugo Boss)

Whether you want to see your name emblazoned across your chest, or any word that you like – the choices are endless.

You could even safely choose a rude word, because people would need to see you in a mirror in order to be offended. So you can let your filthy mind run free.

Hugo want to see your mirror selfies, so anyone who buys an item will be encouraged to use #iamHUGO when they take a snap.

T-shirts are available for £45 and sweaters are £89, and they come in black, grey or dark blue.

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