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You can now buy heated clothing so youll never be cold again


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Picture: Amazon Heated clothing

(Picture: Amazon)

Winter is here, the nights are getting darker and the days colder, which means its now totally acceptable to have your heating on full blast at every given opportunity.

But of course, the heating cant come with us everywhere we go. Sadly.

Well, thats what we thought.

It seems anything is now possible, as you can now buy winter coats, vests, fleeces and even sweatshirts with actual heating. Yes, it will be like walking around with your radiator permanently attached to your body. Amazing.

(Picture: Amazon)

They all come with a rechargeable battery heating device, meaning you can literally sit in your own warmth at the office all day long.

The company, which is based in the US, has created an all-season apparel line. So basically, you can choose whether you turn the heating on or not – meaning you can wear it all in the summer and autumn with the heating turned off, too.

(Picture: Amazon)

The heating comes from various parts of the clothing and has four different heating levels, and the battery has 8 hours of charge.



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You can buy the collection from Amazon, though its pretty expensive, for obvious reasons.

This slim fit jacket, for instance, costs £129. If youre on a tight budget, you might be better off layering up.

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