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Forever 21 apologises for using a white model to wear a Black Panther Christmas jumper


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(Picture: Marvel; Forever 21)

Forever 21 has apologised for using a white model to advertise a Black Panther themed Christmas jumper.

The brand had been called out all over Twitter for profiting off a film with a majority black cast by slapping Wakanda Forever on a jumper and putting it on a white model with blonde hair and blue eyes.

On Tuesday, Forever 21 tweeted out a photo of the model wearing the jumper with: Wakanda Forever. Get the sweater here.

Naturally that sparked some piss-taking.

this sweater just called 311 because Shuri's making too much noise in her lab https://t.co/Npd7nxwhJP
Desus Nice (@desusnice) December 18, 2018

Hey @Forever21, In What Universe Did You Think It Was Ok To Feature A White Model In Wakanda Gear? Granted, Chances Are You Knew It Wasn't Ok, But Still. As A Former #21Men Brand Specialist For The Company, I'm Highly Offended.

— Mark-Paul (@WhoIsMarkPaul) December 18, 2018

Following backlash, Forever 21 deleted the tweet and appeared to have temporarily removed the jumper from their online store.



Now the jumper is shown on a plain white background with no model wearing it.

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That hasnt stopped the piss-taking, though, as in the reviews section, which asks why did you choose this?, someones written: Because I am a colonizer.

Forever 21 told TMZ: Forever 21 takes feedback on our products and marketing extremely seriously. We celebrate all superheroes with many different models of various ethnicities and apologize if the photo in question was offensive in any way.

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