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Goop is selling lingerie at prices only Gwyneth Paltrow can afford

(Picture: Goop/PA)

Remember that time Gwyneth Paltrows brainchild Goop was telling everyone to burn their bras to get over their ex? Well, now the lifestyle brand is flogging its own underwear.

Goop is selling lingerie in the form of a nude leather bra and underwear and a flogger to go with it.

Gwennys brand is offering the Nude Web Bra for an eye-watering £296 while the matching O-Ring Cutout Knickers is up for £302.

And the Studded Handle Flogger which is for the naughty list can be yours for the sweet price of £231.

So, you can now amp up your sex life by wearing very, very expensive leather lingerie and whipping your partner while potentially crying over spending so much money on underwear.

Why save up for a mortgage when you can frolic in 100% cowhide leather?

Sadly anyone bigger than a medium will not be able to fork out for the stuff as the bra and underwear only come in sizes XS to medium.

The Nude Web Bra for £296 (Picture: Goop/PA)

Goop is offering the lingerie and flogger from a company called Fleet Ilya which sells leather restraints, harnesses and more for men and women.



Fleet Ilya, which makes its products by hand in England, also has similar prices to Goop.

Those with cash to splash wont find the lingerie on the Goop website by entering the word, instead, theyll have to type in Fleet Ilya to be able to look through the three items.

According to the website, the nude lingerie is what BDSM fantasies are made of.

It adds: O-ring details, racy demi cups for freeing the nipple, buckles to be undone, this piece—paired with the matching knickers—is prepped for full speed ahead. Layer an easy tee underneath for a more subtle statement.

Studded Handle Flogger for £231 (Picture: Goop/PA)

Meanwhile, the underwear is shocking, sexy, and just the right amount of submissive.

In contrast, there are other more inclusive lingerie brands that wont break the bank.

While the lingerie prices might feel like daylight robbery at least theyre not harmful.

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