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WeWorks Ana Rivadeneyra: Members Stories Published on Social Media Our Most Valuable Marketing Tool


What: WeWorks Ana Rivadeneyra reveals to Portada how WeWork “humanizes” its outreach to potential customers in order to grow its market in Mexico and Latin America.
Why it matters: WeWork is leveraging the power of its own members experiences as told by them on social and other digital media to fuel its rapid growth in Latin America. Rivadeneyra will share the details of WeWorks growth and marketing at Portada Miami on April 12.

“Our community is our most valuable marketing tool.” Thats how Ana Rivadeneyra, Marketing Manager México at WeWork, describes WeWorks strategy for continuing its rapid growth in Mexico and Latin America. Portada recently caught up with Rivadeneyra to discuss her upcoming participation on the panel “Marketing-Tech in Latin America: The opportunities ahead” at Portada Miami on April 12.

WeWork first entered the Latin America market in 2016 starting in Mexico City and, has since grown its presence in the region to 50 locations and 11 cities in six countries, including Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Río de Janeiro, Lima, Monterrey, Santiago de Chile, Medellin, Guadalajara and Belo Horizonte.

“This region is of utmost importance globally for WeWork since it is the fastest growing region, taking into account that we have only spent a little more than two years in this territory,” Rivadeneyra tells Portada.

Today, WeWork has 32,000 members in Mexico, and 450,000 members worldwide.

WeWorks Ana Rivadeneyra will be a featured speaker at Portada Miami on April 12 where she will participate in the panel Marketing-Tech in Latin America: The Opportunities Ahead.

Portada: How does WeWork see itself operating worldwide and in Mexico? Is it a real estate, services, or software company?

AR: Our growth in Latin America—and the world—is on all of those fronts. We provide a 360-degree solution that simplifies space installation and maintenance. We are a single point of contact for an architect, designer, construction professional, landlord and attorney. Here, workers and companies have the space, technology, services and experience to help them focus on whats most important to them. Beyond just the physical space, our network of members and our application create a worldwide community of professionals and businesses.

WeWork has 32,000 members in Mexico, and 450,000 members worldwide.

Portada: What are the traditional marketing tools WeWork is using to grow its market in Mexico and Latin America?

AR: Our community of members is our most important marketing tool. For that reason, we have developed our “member stories” which are case studies of success that tell how WeWork has contributed with its growth, expansion and connections. To distribute these messages and to amplify their content, we use multiple channels such as social media, print, radio, videos and events. By the same token, we place a lot of importance on our referral program where our employees and members are awarded for recommending someone who is interested in a work space.

Our most valuable marketing tool is our own community. There is no one better than our members to explain what WeWork is and how we can help.

Portada: What are some of the newer marketing tools that WeWork is using to grow in Mexico and the region?

AR: At WeWork we are constantly looking to innovate in all areas, and our marketing is no exception. Our strategy is highly focused on digital (Social Media, Google Ads, Search, Website, Email Marketing, etc.), but without losing the real experiences and the value of real connections with people. Therefore, we like to define our strategy as "humanized marketing." Another one of our very valuable tools is our WeWork application. With it we have managed to materialize loyalty tactics like discount benefits for members, direct communications, push notifications, a referral program, etc.

Portada: Among the new digital marketing tools that WeWork is using, which ones are proving to be the most important?

AR: Organic content on the Facebook and Instagram platforms works well for us in order to promote our mission and generate awareness of what we offer. We add to that strategic segmentatioRead More – Source