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Company says it is selling wellies that come covered in mud so you look at home in the countryside

The boots arrive caked in mud and soil (Picture: Le Chameau)

If youre a born and bred city-dweller an invite to a countryside event can fill you with fear.

Whether its a hen do in the Lake District or a romantic getaway in the Cotswolds – we know that we are probably not prepared.

Our soft, city skin is not used to being outside for more than eight minutes at a time, the wind does not agree with our hair and we dont own a single item of waterproof clothing.

But now theres apparently a way to cheat the system and make it look like youre a total countryside pro.

Premium boot-maker Le Chameau claims that it is offering a Pre Muddé service that allows you to order wellies that arrive already caked in mud. So you will look like you are seriously at one with nature.



But the new venture is launching on 1st April – so were pretty sure its an April Fool. Which is kind of annoying, because its definitely still March.

Le Chameau boots covered in mud
The service is offered at no extra cost (Picture: Le Chameau)

There is no shame like the shame of pulling on box-fresh, squeaky-clean wellington boots when youre in the depths of the countryside. Judgmental eyes will follow the gleam of your unused boots – a brazen display of your unmistakable townie vibes.

But worry no more. If the Pre Muddé service is actually legit – it will put an end to those shameful days and allow you to blend in – no matter how remote the village.

As a brand we are dedicated to giving our consumers a remarkable service, while taking on board our customer feedback and offering a unique product, explains Le Chameau CEO David Robinson.

Le Chameau boots covered in mud
These ones are covered in Sussex Clay (Picture: Le Chameau)

The new Pre Muddé service ensures you will be talk of the village as you embody the true spirit of the countryside. You might even reunite with the friends you lost through your questionable etiquette.

The boots will arrive coated in soil curated by the brands expert pedologists – also known as soil specialists – throughout the UK and Ireland.

You can even choose from 24 carefully selected, authentic shades of soil, including Cotswold Brash, London Loam, Sussex Clay and Portsmouth Peaty.

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