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Tweet Buster: Sanjay Bakshi’s poetry on debt and Holland says hello to recession


NEW DELHI: With the election fever at an all-time high, political parties are doing every bit to draw eyeballs before the country votes from Aprill 11 through May 19.

From Congress NYAY scheme to PM Modi's ASAT announcement, from surprise candidates to war of words, this political drama has everything that can give a top class Hollywood potboiler run for its money.

Financial markets, too, are not out the ambit of the electoral spectacle, with the pre-poll rally bringing the benchmark indices near their all-time high levels.

The bulls managed to trump the bears in a highly eventful financial year. But as we step into a new financial year from Monday on, analysts are not really sure where it is all heading to.

Sandip Sabharwal was among the first few to give investors a heads up on whats up ahead.

Investors are so scared that the markets don't sustain lower. Fear is good for the markets. Skepticism is very high… https://t.co/msYotvjyqd

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1553747886000

But there's nothing to get worked up about. Sabharwal believes the overall outlook for Calendar 2019 remains good and advises investors to use every decline to stock up rather than utilising every rise to sell.

Its a BUY on decline market and not SELL on rise. Getting the right price for the stock you wanted to buy, then buy… https://t.co/rYATc8tXiV

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1553572527000

While the Indian market zoomed, global markets reeled under recession fears. However, the jury is still out on whether the world's biggest economy – the USA – is heading for a recession or not. But it looks like Avendus Capital's Andrew Holland is not in two minds.

US housing starts and consumer confidence both fell massively…bond yields falling…hello recession…just saying

— Andrew Holland (@Hollaand) 1553617503000

Meanwhile, Safir Anand, value investor, sees value in largecaps and expects smallcaps to underperform.

I personally expect large cap rally to maintain, small caps to under perform and mid caps to do better

— Safir (@safiranand) 1553494069000

Anand has one more stock tip to share: Simple investing gets you where complexity fails.

You do a talk at an investment seminar. You tell people simple ideas and trends. Some love it, few get mesmerized w… https://t.co/OJFn8JbpHQ

— Safir (@safiranand) 1553863576000

Sabharwal, too, had a valuable investing insight to share: Value does not mean buying junk, but mispriced stocks.

In the stock markets most Analysts tend to get the most negative on stocks and sectors that have the maximum value.… https://t.co/DADG3q7MEp

— sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) Read More – Source