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People are thanking ASOS for showing a models stomach rolls

(Picture: ASOS)

If you needed proof of just how desperate we are for real representation of peoples bodies, just look at how were reacting to a simple photo of a model sitting down in a bikini.

ASOS is getting heaps of praise for showing a model sitting down with one leg lifted while wearing a bikini.

Why? Because the models stomach rolls – a perfectly normal thing that appears when you sit down – are on show.

That this is a rareity worth applause speaks volumes on just how distorted the presentation of bodies online really is.

But its valid – most retailers and adverts wont show a models rolls, wrinkles, or stretchmarks. Thats why this product photo feels revolutionary, despite the model still being standard size, blonde, and white.

Shoppers have heaped praise on ASOS for photographing real? models at unflattering angles
(Picture: ASOS)

On Twitter, people have rushed to thank ASOS for allowing a model to show that stomach rolls are entirely okay.



One person wrote: woman with actual healthy human bodies *mind blown*.

Another said: Thank u ASOS for these angles.

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This isnt the first time a brand has been praised for more realistic photos of womens bodies.

Missguided and Boohoo have previously received positive attention for refusing to digitally remove models stretchmarks, while a recent swimwear campaign was celebrated for featuring disabled women, body hair, and scars.

Clearly were all ready for a bit more reality. Brands, take note.

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