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Forget flower crowns and crop tops, you just need a bit of tape for the perfect Coachella outfit

(Picture: blacktapeproject – cpstyles.com)

Festival-goers seem to have a bit of an aversion to clothes. And we get it – its hot, you want to pack light, and show off those sweet, toned bodies.

As images of pretty people partying it up at Coachella swarm in, were noticing a few racy trends: bums, boots, and boobs are all the rage.

To achieve the ultimate festival look, attendees are using a bit of tape instead of, you know, clothes.

Tapes being used in lieu of swimsuits isnt a new idea. Last year tape bikinis became a catwalk trend after Miami designer Joel Alvarez came up with the Black Tape Project.

Now models, influencers and the like have taken the colourful tape to California.

The look consists of using the sticky stuff to create intricate designs around the body, topped off with the ubiquitous bit of glitter.

It might look good but wearers will probably be picking glitter off their bits for weeks.

People heading to festivals are decorating their bodies with metallic tape in place of actual clothing
(Picture: blacktapeproject)

Joel, who goes by Kingoftape on Instagram, has shared some of the looks hes helped to create.



Fans of his work were seen sporting tape glitter ensembles at Ultra Festival in Miami last week and the trend has now spread to Coachella.

Those who used the metallic and chrome tape didnt seem to mind being exposed or the tan lines that came with it.

But we have some questions: What happens when you sweat? How do you go to the toilet? Is it painful to rip the tape off afterwards? Are there larger roles of tape in case you want to dabble in the trend but not get quite as naked?

A tape bikini requires some bravery
(Picture: blacktapeproject)

Joels 369,000 Instagram followers dont seem to have those concerns, as many praised the fierce looks.

His artistic medium as he calls it, however, has received some criticism from those who said its misogynistic.

Some felt his tape art objectifies women. One person wrote: Isnt this just a ploy to have women at the beach practically naked for men to drool at?

Another wrote: The moment these trends stop being alternative methods of female objectification, is the moment theyll actually make sense.

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