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Wedding guest worries shell upstage the bride with her dress but everyone tells her its horrible

(Picture: ChiChi, Getty)

The holy rule of a wedding is that you dont upstage the bride, mostly by not wearing white or anything too extravagant to take the shine.

But one woman may have been unnecessarily worrying about committing a wedding faux pas.

The woman, posting on Mumsnet, revealed that she was apprehensive about upstaging the bride with her floral high-low hem dress by Chi Chi Curve.

She was convinced that her £68 attire was going to offend the bride who may accuse her of stealing the limelight.

But sadly for the poster, people reassured her that wasnt going to happen as the dress is, er…horrible.

Users on Mumsnet didnt hold back their thoughts, telling the woman she was not in danger of causing upset as it was awful.

Others disagreed though, saying it was lovely but wasnt going to clash with a traditional wedding gown.

This is the dress she plans to wear
This is the dress she plans to wear (Picture: ChiChi)

Ive asked a couple of people now, its about an inch off the floor at the back if Im wearing flats which I intend to, wrote the poster.



Everyone Ive asked (6 people) says its fine and I should definitely wear it but if I were the bride, I feel as though Id think whoever wore it was trying to steal the limelight (although, you can never truly upstage a bride).

Is everyone else being unreasonable? [sic] she asked.

The post received more than 300 comments with people weighing in their opinions.

How on Earth would that compete with a wedding dress? asked one bewildered user.

Bride adjusting wedding dress at mirror
Erm, we dont see the resemblance (Picture: Getty)

I suppose it depends what the bride looks like, but Id be pretty gutted if that could upstage me! Not something Id chose to wear myself, echoed another.

Similarly, another poster wrote: Its not a massive white meringue. Its a floral dress. The vast majority of female guests will be wearing floral dresses.

I dont see any concern or upstaging at all. In what possible way is it upstaging? Theres no nudity, its not white or black or PVC?

One person could see what she meant when she worried about hogging the limelight.

They wrote: Its really lovely, but I wouldnt wear it to a wedding. I think the skirt looks like youre trying to upstage the bride or bridesmaids. Thats just my opinion but perhaps youd feel uncomfortable wearing it.

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