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You can now get your partners face on a flip flop… because who wouldnt want to do that?

You can now get your partners face on a flip flop (Picture: SWNS)

You can now show off just how much you love your partner – by getting their face printed on a pair of flip flops.

Yes, for once, being able to walk all over someone is a good thing.

The £39.99 Face Flops can have anyones face printed on them.

Theyre being sold on Firebox, and a spokesperson claimed that their summer footwear was perfect for sliding into your crushs DMs.

Though to be honest, we think sending a photo of to your crush of their face stamped on your flip flop isnt a good idea and is frankly quite weird. Please dont do it.

The flip flops are from Firebox
Fancy getting your loved ones face on your shoe? (Picture: Firebox / SWNS)

But Firebox disagrees.

They said: Lets face it, nothing says I fancy you more than taking someones fabulous facial features and wearing them on your feet. Thats true 2019 love right there.



Sure, they might reject you even after youve gone through the trouble of putting their face on your new footwear, but at least you can walk all over them in return if it doesnt work out.

The only rule with the footwear is that you can only have one face printed on them.

The spokesperson continued: These unique sliders are this years must-have summer accessory.

These flip flops are a great way to show you love someone
Or you could get a celebs face instead (Picture: Firebox / SWNS)

Just upload a picture of any face and a team of expert personalisation wizards will pop them on the strap of these super-stylish white sliders, just in time for you to rock them at a festival, on the beach, or simply as a tribute to your favourite person.

Adorn them with your own face and show your dazzling confidence, or go bold and choose the person you fancy.

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