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Russia Suspends Use of Ventilator Type Sent to US After Fatal Fires


MOSCOW—Russia on May 13 suspended the use of some Russian-made medical ventilators after two fatal hospital fires reported to involve the machines, a setback in its fight against the CCP virus.

The ventilators safety was called into question a day earlier after a fire at Saint Georges Hospital in St. Petersburg in which five people died. That followed another fire at a hospital in Moscow which killed one person on Saturday.

In both cases, sources told the TASS news agency that the source of the fires had been faulty Aventa-M ventilators.

A Russian Emergency Situation worker disinfects a fire department car near the scene of a fire at St. George Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, on May 12, 2020. (Dmitry Lovetsky/AP Photo)

Authorities have procured hundreds of Aventa-Ms to help hospitals cope with CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus patients. Though Russia has so far suffered a low number of CCP virus-related deaths compared to other countries, at 242,271 its infections tally is now the second-highest in the world after the United States.

Russia sent a batch of the same ventilators to the United States in early April, though U.S. officials say the machines were not needed in the end.

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting focused on support to the aviation industry and air transportation at his country residence in Novo-Ogaryovo outside Moscow, Russia, on May 13, 2020. (Alexey Nikolsky/SPUTNIK /AFP/Getty Images)

Roszdravnadzor, the state healthcare regulator, said in a statement it was suspending the use in Russia of all such machines made after April 1.

It gave no explanation for the suspension but noted that the ventilators had been used in the two hospitals where the recent fires had taken place, which it said a day earlier it was looking into.

It was not immediately clear exactly how many new ventilators the suspension would cover.

Public procurement data cited by the Interfax news agency said that the Saint George Hospital in St. Petersburg spent 441 million roubles ($6 million) last month on buying 237 Aventa-M ventilators.

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