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Australian News Wrap Up – May 16


Heres what happened last week in Australia:

  • Treasurer Josh Frydenberg outlined what he called the sobering economic impact of the CCP virus pandemic. (Read)
  • Australias oldest workers union launched a national campaign to support the federal government in its trade dispute with China. (Read)
  • Liberal Party Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells called for an economic plan for Australia “to decouple from China.” (Read)
  • Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said that hes “deeply concerned” after Chinas Ministry of Commerce threatened to impose a tariff on Australian barley following claims of dumping. (Read)
  • Former prime minister Julia Gillard voiced her support for an inquiry into the origins and handling of the CCP virus outbreak. (Read)
  • Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching expressed concern over the Chinese regimes distribution of “false narratives” about the origins of the CCP virus to Australian media. (Read)
  • A new poll by the Lowy Institute showed that nearly 70 percent of Australians view Chinas ruling communist regime less favorably due to its handling of the CCP virus outbreak. (Read)
  • New privacy laws were passed to protect Australias data for the governments “COVIDSafe” contact tracing app. (Read)
  • Federal health minister Greg Hunt announced the appointment of the first-ever deputy chief medical officer for mental health to manage the psychological effects of the CCP virus—Ruth Vine. (Read)
  • In a marketing disrupting move, Rex airlines announced that its looking into scaling up domestic operations as Virgin Australia scrambles to save itself. (Read)
  • Federal ministers criticised the Queensland governments bid for struggling airline Virgin Australia. (Read More – Source