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Russia scales back WWII Victory Day celebration in Moscow amid Covid-19

Issued on: 09/05/2020 – 09:46Modified: 09/05/2020 – 09:46 Russia marks 75 years since the Soviet v..

French actress dissociates herself from Le Monde letter

One hundred prominent French women put their names to the text published in Le Monde on January 9 de..

Bulgarian PM Borissov’s offer to step down fails to deter protesters

The Bulgarian prime minister’s offer to resign on Wednesday in an attempt to calm month-long protest..

‘Mother Meral’: The woman trying to drive Turkey’s Erdogan from office

So presidential candidate Meral Aksener is going from town to town collecting these colorful pieces ..

OPINION: Russia’s snark may have pushed West too far

It was a prime example of one of Russia's favorite techniques for responding to attacks from th..

Police arrest more than 800 in crackdown on encrypted phone system used by organised...

Issued on: 03/07/2020 – 03:46Modified: 03/07/2020 – 03:46 Police said Thursday they had arrested m..

Post-Soviet strongmen prescribe vodka, hockey and folk medicine against coronavirus

Take, for instance, Belarus, a small country sandwiched between Russia and European Union member Pol..

US sanctions Russia over poisoning of ex-spy in UK

In a statement Wednesday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the US had made this deci..

German abuse survivors slam Church’s ‘ridiculous’ payout

This man, Katsch says, stripped him naked in the school music room, bent him over the piano bench an..

Training dogs to sniff out Covid-19

Issued on: 18/05/2020 – 17:56Modified: 18/05/2020 – 17:56 Using dogs powerful sense of smell to de..