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USA: Trump’s attempt to link gun reform with immigration condemned

Amnesty recently described US gun violence situation as human rights crisis There are too many gun..

USA: planned immigration raids will create ‘climate of fear’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency reportedly set to arrest thousands of members of undocume..

Here Are A Few Of The Most Obnoxious Signs At The March For Our...

Demonstrators flooded the streets of Washington, D.C., Saturday following a recent spate of school s..

The DOJ Has Been Quietly Prosecuting Hate Crimes. Here Are 5 Big Cases

The Department of Justice under the Trump administration has steadily been establishing a strong tra..

Tucker Explains Why The Left Should Keep David Hogg Out Of The Gun Debate

Screen Shot Tucker Carlson (Fox News: March 23, 2018) 9:03 PM 03/23/2018 Pinterest Reddit L..

CNN Speculates Over Maryland School Shooting – Interviews Student On Lockdown

CNN rushed to cover Tuesday’s school shooting in Maryland and interviewed Jonathan, a Great Mills Hi..

Police: Maryland High School On Lockdown, Shots Fired

Great Mills High School in Maryland has been placed on lockdown after a shooting Tuesday morning, po..

Happy 12th Birthday, Barron! [SLIDESHOW]

1:03 AM 03/20/2018 Pinterest Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Share TOP Twelve years ago, Melan..

Mississippi Becomes First State To Ban Abortions After 15 Weeks

US Two signs about abortion (Shutterstock/Sauleshechka) | Mississippi First State 15 Week Ban 7:..

Parkland Shooting Students Slam Media For Not Elevating Race

US Students from Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC, hold up signs with the names of th..