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CNN Speculates Over Maryland School Shooting – Interviews Student On Lockdown

CNN rushed to cover Tuesday’s school shooting in Maryland and interviewed Jonathan, a Great Mills Hi..

Hundreds of thousands could be deported after living legally in the US for nearly...

They've lived legally in the United States for nearly two decades.And now, they have less than ..

Fake Celebrity Porn Videos Are Being Created Using Artificial Intelligence

Fake, but realistic celebrity porn videos showing popular actresses such as Emma Watson and Gal Gado..

Gerber Baby Inspires Down Syndrome Abortion Bans Across The U.S.

Gerber Baby company chose a Down syndrome child for the new face of its 2018 campaign in early Febru..

Here Are A Few Of The Most Obnoxious Signs At The March For Our...

Demonstrators flooded the streets of Washington, D.C., Saturday following a recent spate of school s..

American family who died in Mexico ‘went to sleep and never woke up,’ cousin...

Four members of an Iowa family were found dead in Mexico after they were reported missing just after..

Dogs found in Turpin ‘torture home’ to be raffled

Two dogs, found at the home of a couple accused of keeping their 13 children captive, are to be raff..

Emma Gonzalez brings March for Our Lives rally to an emotional silence

Emma Gonzalez, a leading and powerful voice in the movement spawned by the mass shooting at her Flor..

US troops ‘ready for combat’ against North Korea

The United States is ready for combat against North Korea, the lead commander of the US Forces Korea..

March for Our Lives organizers pulled off ‘revolution’ in Washington: ANALYSIS

The organizers of the March for Our Lives rally managed a nearly impossible feat Saturday: they put ..