Covid-19: 2.2 million high-risk people in UK allowed outdoors from Monday

Issued on: 31/05/2020 – 09:31Modified: 31/05/2020 – 09:31 The more than 2 million people who have ..

Lawyer for Anti-CCP Student Activist Demands Chinese Consul-General Be Dismissed From Australian University

The lawyer for student activist Drew Pavlou has lodged a formal complaint with the University of Que..

Protesters gather internationally to show solidarity with George Floyd

Issued on: 31/05/2020 – 08:29Modified: 31/05/2020 – 08:29 Protesters gathered across Europe on Sat..

CCP Virus Impact Part of Australias Domestic Violence Inquiry

The Australian government has issued draft terms of reference for an inquiry into domestic violence,..

Australia Closer to No New COVID-19 Cases

Victoria is the only state to record new cases of coronavirus this weekend, bringing closer the day ..

Charges Laid Against Cargo Ship Master

The Australian Marine Safety Authority has charged the master of the APL England for pollution offen..

Covid-19 super-spreaders risk causing second waves

Issued on: 30/05/2020 – 15:48Modified: 30/05/2020 – 15:48 As countries across the world outline pl..

TikTok Is an Attractive Database on Young Australians for the Chinese Regime: Aussie MP

West Australian Member of Parliament Andrew Hastie has called the Beijing-backed music app TikTok an..

Protestors Emerge to March for Rights and Freedoms After Restrictions Lifted

As Australia lifts restrictions put in place amid the Chinese Communist Party virus pandemic, hundre..

Anti-Vax Protesters Defy Restrictions

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Hundreds of anti-vaccination protesters have defied social-d..